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Santen Medical Education Grants

Santen offers grants to support medical education programs for healthcare professionals to help enhance their knowledge and skills, advance the quality of patient care, and align with our current areas of focus.

We support

  • Continuing medical education programs
  • Independent medical education initiatives

Rules & Regulations

  • You must submit all required grant application information at least 60 days before the educational program's start date, or we must automatically decline it.
  • Your application should not include any direct or implied reference to products or compounds as this may compromise an impartial review of your request and force us to decline it.
  • All submitted proposals must be used to support education programs that comply with all applicable laws, including but not limited to the US Federal Anti-Kickback Statute, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, and any applicable foreign laws/regulations.
  • Santen does not control the content of activities funded under independent medical education grants.
  • All medical education grant requests must be reviewed by Santen Medical Education Grants Committee. As such, Santen commercial personnel do not make commitments for grants.
  • The provision of medical education grants is not intended as an inducement to prescribe, refer, or recommend any of Santen's existing or future products and is not intended as a reward for any previous prescribing activity.
  • Santen does not promote the use of products that have not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration or applicable foreign regulatory agency.
  • Grant application submission does not guarantee Santen support.